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Delivering Digital Marketing Expertise

I have spent 5+ years growing and developing communities within different verticals. Here are a few of the brands I’ve gotten the pleasure to work with. With every client we focus on growing leaders and influencers around their brands, services or products.

Graphic Design

kristi godwin graphic design

Web Development & Lead Generation


Video Production:

video production examples

Email Marketing:

One recent example:

Specializing in mediation of civil cases, this local Austin lawyer utilizes email marketing to stay in touch with his contacts.

bruce clark email blast feb 2015

Content Curation & Creation:

Ghost writer for Janet, Jenner & Suggs discussing a key lawyer at their firm and her contribution to the litigation process.

hightower ghost writer piece kim jjs


Here’s an example of seeing curated content come to life with this special segment called ‘Ask Alex.’ Fans sent in questions to Alex Jones and he would reply in a bimonthly video response.

Click here to see more ‘Ask Alex’ Videos.


Getting Google to rank and display your company in search results can be daunting at times and down right confusing at others. Using best practices in both search engine marketing (SEM) and basic search engine optimization (SEO), I can help get your company off to a great start from the very first search!

Event Coordination:

As Director of Social Media at Infowars, I led community coordination efforts through events like #DRONEMOB and #InfowarsSXSW.  We also leveraged the brand’s own social media platform to grow and engage the audience.

Community Management:

Here’s one of the many videos I did as part of community management efforts for Planet Infowars.

Click here to see more videos I did for Planet Infowars.

The back story: This was a multi-media company that had many facets to its business model.  I assisted in the digital presence of its long-time running radio show hosted by the notorious Alex Jones, it’s new product launch of a nationally-distributed magazine as well as ecommerce store promotions and product suggestions.