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Marketing for the ‘Unorthodox’ Client

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What does marketing for the ‘unorthodox,’ ‘NSFW,’ or ‘adult industry’ client in Escort Services look like?

Is it exclusive?

Is it unique?

Most of us know the basic process of escort services. It’s a transaction for a service, similar to hiring a DJ for your party. (Do I sense a pants party joke somewhere?)  But if you’re like myself, you’ve never really stopped to think about how those services are marketed. As you know, it’s not exactly ‘legal,’ making your standard Adwords campaign a wee bit tricky.  Luckily, I was browsing my favorite front page of the internet, Reddit, and came across a great post that turned into an AMA with a woman who discussed the marketing options for her escort service.

Quite fascinating stuff.

Click here to read the original post by user ‘shadyladythrowaway.’

marketing for nsfw escort services


She discusses where her business is starting from, what she is selling and her frustrations with how to break through to the right demographic:

“My website is invitation only. You have to either email me or contact me via twitter in order for me to vet you to see if I will give you the password. My prices are also extremely prohibitive for most people and you don’t even see my prices until you’re allowed into my website. The website is extremely professional looking as well.

Its making the correct demographic aware of me that I’m having trouble with. I can’t market to the standard escort clients because I’m only available for extended appointments- I have to figure out how to market my personality, because unlike most escorts, thats a big part of what I’m selling.”


An insight gathered from her grievances is that they are not unlike the grievances held by many conventional small business owners. -She knows what she offers, but is having trouble connecting to the right demographic. It’s only natural to consider all your options including: exclusivity, personalized products or services and targeting.

Demographics are HUGE, not only because it shows you know who you’re targeting but WHY you’re targeting them.  One user in the thread (see above for link) made the observation that people who are at a certain level tend to have people who keep them happy, like agents, lawyers, assistants, etc.  The suggestion to ‘court’ this entourage of people was made with the intent having a lower barrier to entry while also being a very targeted approach.
What are some other ways you would or have promoted a ‘NSFW’ brand?

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