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HVAC Replacement Quote Facebook Ad & Landing Page

Objective:  Run a Facebook Ad that communicates the visual imparative that people need to check their ductwork and be concerned about what types of air is being circulated through thier homes.  This particular ad had a call to action that asked people to visit our landing page to request a Free, no obligation Home Audit of their HVAC and Ductwork Systems.

fb ad ductwork


The landing page (below) is what visitors landing on once they clicked the ad.  They were prompted to put in the details of their HVAC projects and needs.  It had about a 1.5% conversion rate which led to highly qualified leads that were looking to take immediate action to replace or upgrade some parts of their HVAC system.


Inspection-A-Day Giveaway Mobile and Desktop Versions

Objective: Utilizing targeted Facebook ads for 14 days, to bring in qualified leads. These leads gave us important information about their home’s brand of HVAC unit, the tonnage, the average age of the unit and all their contact information. People that filled out this multi-question survey were highly interested prospects.

Results: In less than 14 days and $330 in Facebook Ad spend, we received 17 qualified leads from Austin homeowners.  Given that the average service call brings in between $200-$400 in revenue and the average system replacement brings in $1000-$6000 in profit, these 17 prospects could have lead to sever thousands in revenue.

More than half of these entrants had systems that were borderline at the end of their life (ie 10+ years old).  However, after reviewing the invoices for these free inspections, it was discovered that our technicians were not properly trained on how to capitalize on suggesting repairs, maintenance contracts or offering replacement quotes.  Despite these homeowners having systems that were older and there was clearly some type of maintenance work that could be done, the technician left with a ‘zero dollar‘ invoice.  While this could have lead to $1000s of dollars in repairs and more work in replacement quotes, none of this was delivered.

The TakeAway: After presenting these results to the two company owners, it was clear that the marketing had worked (Cost per lead acquisition was less than $20 per qualified lead), however, it was the lack of sales training of our technicians that was the problem.  This new found awareness lead to better communication, clear expectations and set in motion the need for proper training of our technicians (ie the front line of sales).


(Mobile Version)

hvac-inspection-a-day-giveawaymobile-july-2016-01                                                         (Landing Page)