8 Exponential Technologies – How to Prepare for the Technological Revolution

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 Share on TumblrThere is no doubt a technical revolution is happening and it’s not isolated to one industry, one market or even one country. These 8 Exponential Technologies are bringing to the forefront possibilities that have only existed in fiction. We are witnessing the affects of global interconnections and we, as mankind, are living in … Read more

I love my momma

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 Share on TumblrNot only is this a catchy tune, it takes a lot of talent to lip sync and do those moves!  Plus, who doesn’t love their momma?!

Marketing for the ‘Unorthodox’ Client

Marketing NSFW client
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 Share on Tumblr What does marketing for the ‘unorthodox,’ ‘NSFW,’ or ‘adult industry’ client in Escort Services look like? Is it exclusive? Is it unique? Most of us know the basic process of escort services. It’s a transaction for a service, similar to hiring a DJ for your party. (Do I sense a pants party joke somewhere?)  But if you’re like … Read more

5 Clever Ways To Implement Twitter’s Periscope App in Your 2016 Social Media Strategy

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 Share on TumblrWARNING: YOUR VIDEOS WILL NOT BE AUTOMATICALLY SAVED unless you edit your ‘Settings.’ By making sure your videos are backed up, you’ll have the ability to use them in other places like Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo.  [Read this Quora forum on how to do that here].   What the heck is Periscope? And how can your brand use it in … Read more

Seduce Yourself with These Subtle Ways of Self Love

Self care because you are worth it
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 Share on Tumblr Seduce yourself and don’t feel guilty about it.   Be your number one muse. Take a moment of self reflection (5 Minutes of Stillness) and pinpoint what you find yourself diving deeply into or exploring over and over again in your mind. You have a passion, an energy, dare I say ‘flirtatious’ even? … Read more

7 Marketing Automation Tools that Will Consolidate & Accelerate Your Marketing Efforts

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 Share on TumblrCheck Out This Helpful List of Tools Geared Towards Small to Medium Size Business Most small to medium size businesses need automation. There is just too many things to get done and not enough hours in the day to do. So what do you turn to? Automation. Plain and simple.  There are so many useful tools to help make … Read more

5 Minutes of Stillness

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 Share on TumblrTake 5 minutes of stillness today.   What does stillness mean? It means designating and reserving a set amount of time (either set by a timer or by a feeling) to participate in the act of letting your thoughts come and go without becoming attached to them. In other words, sit still and … Read more

Meal Delivery: My Blue Apron Experience

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Welcome to the era where anything can be delivered directly to your door (illegal items not excluded, but that’s a separate ‘dark web’ style post)!   But the question is always, ‘is it worth it to order a meal home delivery subscription box?

Well, I’m here to tell you whether this was a ‘meh’ experience or a ‘wow’ experience.

Blue Apron Meal Delivery: Was It Worthwhile? Read My Review!
Blue Apron is a meal delivery service. They send the ingredients & instructions, and you cook up a home-cooked meal without having to come up with the recipe or buy groceries.

I recently had the opportunity to try out a meal delivery service, known as Blue Apron.

Let me start out by saying, the idea behind Blue Apron and other services like it is brilliant. For those who are not familiar with what they offer, it’s seasonal recipes with the appropriately proportioned ingredients delivered directly to your door. Sound too good to be true? Quite possibly, but you be the judge.

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Only Tweet For a Living!

Hightower super mock
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 Share on Tumblr Well, sort of…  

How a Social Media Maven is Born

dare to explore life
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 Share on Tumblr You have to have a passion and curiosity for all aspects of life and always be willing to learn new things. Since realizing how many amazing people share this planet with me, I have developed an inner urgency to tell their stories.   And the most compelling and insightful communication tools have … Read more