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Kristi Godwin SelfieHi! I’m Kristi Godwin,

Digital Marketing Consultant.

Listening and engaging people on a daily basis is how I thrive. I establish peer authority by conceptualizing, creating and sharing strategic content that increases brand awareness and lead generation. The best part about my work is getting to know and work with so many passionate people!

I’ve worked with a multi-media company creating content, executing social media strategies and e-mail campaigns to create PR stunts like the 2013 Alex Jones v. Piers Morgan interview, as well as a SXSW 2013 flash protest, #DRONEMOB in Zilker park and many more. After leaving Infowars, I continued my career as the Director of Social Media at Special Audience, a small marketing firm whose niche includes lawyers and non-profits, where I strategized, implemented and tested marketing campaigns for the litigation attorneys that included PPC, SEO and social strategies. Since transitioning to a Digital Marketing Consultant in 2014, I’ve worked with various clients ranging from recruiting and legal firms to a local Austin gym all to improve their Adwords and Facebook ad campaigns, update/build a website as well as maintain social, email and other inbound marketing efforts.

I liken myself to a bullhorn for brands and services.  Every business has a story and my specialty is utilizing the right tools — Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn and many, many more… — to tell my client’s compelling story.

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