8 Exponential Technologies – How to Prepare for the Technological Revolution

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There is no doubt a technical revolution is happening and it’s not isolated to one industry, one market or even one country. These 8 Exponential Technologies are bringing to the forefront possibilities that have only existed in fiction. We are witnessing the affects of global interconnections and we, as mankind, are living in of the MOST AMAZING eras ever! We as a society have access to semiconductors, wearables and quantum computing power that Kings 1000 years ago could even dream of and would have killed for, yet most of us take it for granted.

No one can deny there is a global shift happening. Some call it an “awakening,” others call it “Moore’s Law,” and still others refer to is as “revolution.” But I’m here to tell you, whatever you want to call it, it is going to impact every aspect of our lives and those that are willing to embrace this rapid change will be the winners.

Rapid change exposes the work of outsiders, neophytes and most of all, those attracted by the chance to grow and grow FAST. This rapid change sweeps aside the status quo and all those that defend it. And they will be replaced with those willing to leap.

Revolutions make heroes at least as much as heroes make revolutions. Every artist in history has shown up and shared their best work precisely because there was a revolution going on. Now the question I pose to you, “are you ready to leap?

Watch this video interview about the 8 exponential technologies that are right around the corner and you will discover the enormous impact they are about to have on every aspect of our daily lives including how we communicate with each other, how we automate services and products to the ways we can predict and manage our health and other vital information.

In this interview I did with Ed Hightower, a leader in the IoT space, a thought leader in the IEEE community and an expert in M2M (Machine-to-machine) communications. Join us as we explore the amazing players in today’s technological revolution including Peter Diamandis, Elon Musk and other tech leaders that are not wasting any time bringing their technologies into the forefront.

The 8 Exponential Technologies:

These will be combined in various ways to cause great disruption, alot of innovation and new ideas and solutions. If we’re lucky and proactive, we will have the opportunity to make positive changes and leave a lasting impact that helps our fellow man.

    1) Cloud Computing
    2) Sensors and Networks (M2M)
    3) Robotics and Digital Manufacturing
    4) 3D Printing
    5) AI (Artificial Technology)
    6) Synthetic Biology and Genetic Engineering
    7) Nano Materials
    8) Digital Medicine

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