5 Clever Ways To Implement Twitter’s Periscope App in Your 2016 Social Media Strategy

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WARNING: YOUR VIDEOS WILL NOT BE AUTOMATICALLY SAVED unless you edit your ‘Settings.’ By making sure your videos are backed up, you’ll have the ability to use them in other places like Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo.  [Read this Quora forum on how to do that here].


What the heck is Periscope? And how can your brand use it in 2016?

Let’s start with a cold hard fact, Periscope hit 10 million users only 8 months after being acquired. Meaning, if your audience uses social media AT ALL, chances are high they’re using this app. It is worth adding to your content calendar. Not only is it one of the most user-friendly and versatile, live-streaming video apps with a fast adoption rate, but it also has access to deep pockets from its parent company, Twitter.


It was this time last year (Jan 2015) when Twitter first announced they had acquired Periscope, the live-streaming, video app.  They mentioned it was “a perfect complement to Twitter” and by August of the same year Periscope hit 10 million users. What I’m here to tell you is that it’s also a perfect complement to almost ANY social media strategy. The user-centric interface makes it easy for your audience to use and gives them instant satisfaction. Who doesn’t like that?!

I’d like to introduce you to the newest player in the live streaming digital hangout space, Periscope!

Clever Ideas for Periscope App
Periscope is the latest thing to hit the scene of live-streaming video apps. It’s spontaneous Hangouts, meets intimate Street Views. – From 3 guys chilling in a Brooklyn apartment, to a couple and their dogs at Zilker Park during an Austin sunset. It’s a short, spontaneous insight into someone’s life. – I imagine this had something to do with the meaning behind the brand name…

I know what you’re thinking.

‘But wait, you’re saying I can click and actively watch, chat or spy on events around the globe all LIVE?’

Yes. Yes, I’m also saying to imagine the possibilities! Most new apps like this are glitchy or don’t seem to serve a purpose, but this is Twitter’s app we’re talking about! It has the same user-friendly design and functionality, PLUS they let you ‘heart’ what you’re watching, giving the user a familiar feeling they get in another top-ranked social media app, Instagram. (Check out their holiday ‘hearts’)

Periscope has had the last year for early adapters to jump on and work out the kinks. Here are my 5 clever ways to implement Twitter’s Periscope in your 2016 social media strategy. If you’re looking to utilize these in your 2016 marketing strategy, you will also benefit from considering your particular audience and tailoring these to their needs.

Just like I do with all new social platforms, my mind immediately races to how I could use it to market myself or my clients.  Here are my top 5 picks I’m looking forward to implementing in the coming year:

  1. Host a Live Version of an ‘AMA’  – This is your brand’s chance to shine! You offer something of value to your customers, maybe it’s a service, maybe it’s a product, or a SaaS (Software as a Service). As evidenced by their popularity with people like Bill Gates, Barack Obama, and Elon Musk to name a few.  better way to connect with them than to host a live Q&A session via Periscope?! The key here will be to let your customers or audience know about your upcoming Q&A across your other digital channels like a Sponsored Facebook post, a few Twitter blasts (possibly sponsored as well) and/or a Special Email send out to your lists.
  2. Exclusive and/or Spontaneous Events – Some of the best marketing events are the ones that people hear about on the down low or through a special invitation. Everyone wants to feel special and if your favorite brand invited you to a ‘secret party,’ you’d go wouldn’t you? –And probably brag on your other social media channels about it too!  If a flash mob is more your brand’s style, then by all means, I’d love see it on Periscope and not have to wait to see the uploaded YouTube video — that’s sooo last century!
  3. GeoLocation Contests – If you want to build a loyal following, you have to give people a reason to follow you. (But you know this, hence why you’re reading this article) One of the quickest ways many brands do this is by hosting contests, but just imagine utilizing the power of local, live video. If your brand is participating in a planned event, has a local store front or just wants local reach, Periscope shows the GPS location of the stream. I’m looking forward to seeing brands using this feature as a way to create more offline interactions. Here are a few examples that would get my blood pumping with excitement if I saw a brand do this.
    1. A local business is celebrating its 10-year anniversary and as a way of thanking its Periscope fans and as a way to get them into the store, they offer a special discount or promo item (with a super secret coupon code only shared on Periscope). They could even go a step further and live broadcast the first 10 people who walk through the door and say that code. OR
    2. A traveling musician or band wants a better way to connect with its fans and they stream out the writing of a song and get instant fan feedback through Periscope.
  4. Scavenger Hunts – This may seem to be overflow from #3, but I felt it needed its own explanation.  Similar to Geocaching (a type of treasure hunting game played in real time using GPS-enabled devices), Periscope’s location feature could enable brands to hide clues all across the city, state or country for their fans to track down. In fact, several businesses could team up on contests to make people visit a particular store and ask specific questions or buy certain items.
  5. Special Coupons/Discounts/Incentives – Last but not least, especially in ecommerce, Periscope can give your brand a digital edge and a way for your clients and community to get an ‘exclusive’ perk by being your follower. Be sure to cross-promote this benefit on your other channels.  Perhaps you have a coupon code for your eCommerce store, or a free upgrade feature for your SaaS, maybe even the beginning of the funnel for your eCourses all if you tell your followers to do xyz action.


These are only a few of the MANY amazing ideas still out there and I look forward to hearing about you and your brand’s experience with this new social media channel in the new year!


[If you are a complete newbie, before getting started, I suggest you also check out this article on the basics of using Periscope]

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